LMRL welcomes Tilly Metz

Submitted by paddes on Mon, 01/07/2019 - 19:04

Mme. Tilly Metz came to our school for a discussion with HOPE-Club.

She is a member of Déi Gréng and used to be the vice-principal of Lycée Technique Profession, Education et Santé (LTPES) before becoming a member of the Green Party at the European Parliament in July 2018.As the next elections will already be held in May 2019, she only has a few months left to get used to her new work environment and put her ideas into effect.

She explained how the European Parliament works, her functions as a member and what her daily life looks like, between Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. We also learned about other aspects of politics, from lobbyism to compromises.

Tilly Metz then answered the great amount of questions students had about the European Parliament, her views on environment protection, social inequalities or topics concerning Europe more directly like Brexit and the Gilets Jaunes movement.